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Quarantine and Chill?

Can someone just turn 2020 off and turn it back on again?

Lockdown and mothers day

The entire country was put on lockdown due to Covid-19. Absolutely unprecedented.

Haven Holiday

We went on a nice little haven holiday break at Caister on Sea. We had a fantastic time swimming, going on beach walks, playing in the arcad

Empty gym and funny faces

All week this week there has been widespread, global news, if not panic even, regarding COVID-19 otherwise known as Corona Virus.

Celebrations with the twins

What a fantastic weekend of celebrating. Lots of food Cake Cocktails Presents Hot tub Friends Family And most of all FUN! On Saturday we...

World Book Day

I definitely think reading to Olive has been great for her development. Whether or not that's true, I don't know, I'm not a doctor.

Time management

I always try my best to prioritise as I think it is the secret to time management. I don't always get it right but I sure do try. Another...

Olives first painting

We had a lot of fun this weekend getting all of the ingredients and craft materials together for Olive's first time painting. We laid out...

Guest Post by my amazing wife, Paisley

My amazing wife reflecting on the last month. #Repost @paisley_bare • • • • • • I can’t get my head around this! 6 months!!!That’s half a...

Busy Times Ahead

Everything is starting to get really busy at work with the new company's acquistion. We are really starting to get into the thick of...

Happy Birthday to me

This week has mostly been about me :) It's been great fun, I've had an amazing time. It all started early on Sunday night with the family...

Valentines Day

So this week has been marked notably by an extraordinary lack of sleep. With poor Olive feeling a bit sick and having a cold this week it...

Storm Ciara

What a wet and wild weekend! This update brought to you by Storm Ciara.....bye fence That was a different wake up Sunday morning. Oh...

Rollercoaster of a week

This week has been an absolute rollercoaster ride. On Monday it was announced a new company had purchased our company, which is always a...

Big Week for Olive

This week Olive seems to have grown up almost overnight. She's been eating different foods, she sit up for the first time, she has her...

Australia Day and baby weaning

Happy Australia day! Yesterday was Olive's first Australia day. We had a great time, bbq, lamingtons, milo, vegemite and everything that...

Humpday Workout

Where to start. It's been a tiring and busy week. On the back of a exhausting start to the week with Olive cutting her first tooth but...

Busy weekend

Had a busy weekend, nothing in particular but just lots of little things. Starting with a great workout on Friday morning. 1000 calories...

Bedtime Story

I got back from my travels for work and got to read to Olive again tonight. Sometimes it's hard to stay away for work, even though Pais...

Kettlebell workouts

Just a quick update from me today. I've been incorporating a lot of kettlebells into my workouts recently. What do you all do to keep...

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