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Lockdown and mothers day

On Sunday it was Pais first Mothers Day. Obviously our first year with Olive will have plenty of firsts, which will be amazing but there was another first.

The entire country was put on lockdown due to Covid-19. Absolutely unprecedented.

This has been met with nationwide panic, fear and uncertainty. However I have also seen several acts of generosity and kindness. For all of the negativity there has been at least 10 times more positivity. It has been amazing seeing some of the displays of selflessness, courage and compassion from the NHS in particular.

So during this troublesome and tumultous time I think it is best that everyone, myself included really focuses on the good in the world.

We have been doing our best to stay positive and Pais especially has been amazing, ensuring that Olive is still living her best life.

To ensure we are social distancing we are only walking around our little estate, we are doing our baby sensory at home, and spending lots of time indoors as per government advice.

That doesn't mean we can't enjoy ourselves.

We are having date nights in, coffee dates in the garden and having lots of play time with Olive as she always makes us smile.

So I hope you're all staying positive and staying safe.

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