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City break to Paris

Paris has been a city that I've wanted to go to for ages so when me and Pais started talking about a kids free getaway it was top of the list.

We were equally excited and anxious to have our first holiday without the children. We couldn't have done it without the inlaws, so thank you Mum and Dad.

We got on the Eurostar from King's Cross in London over to Paris Gare du Nord. It was an easy enough journey and we enjoyed a couple drinks on the train. I geeked out a little on the train seeing the speed reach almost 300km per hour.

We got to Paris early afternoon and checked into our hotel. We dropped and bags in our room then went out to start exploring the city.

We found a lovely little restaurant on our way walking to the Moulin Rouge. It just happened to be a pretty famous location called "Chat Noir". No wonder my Beef Bourguignon was so delicious and our carafe of wine was triple the price of every other wine we had.

After our delicious dinner we went to the Moulin Rouge. It was a fantastic show with amazing production and spectacular dancing.

The next day we explored almost all of the major tourist hot spots.

We started the morning by walking to the Sacre Cour, taking in an amazing view getting a pastry and coffee.

We walked down through some markets, chocolate makers, fabric stores, wedding shops all the way down the Champs-Élysées, quickly passed all the designers to the Arc De Triomphe. Stopping for beers along the way.

The Arc de Triomphe was amazing to see but the traffic around it was absolutely chaotic (like most of Paris to be fair) so after a few pics we continued onto the Eiffel tower.

The Eiffel tower is an absolute engineering marvel. It's a picturesque backdrop to Paris of steel, art and human ingenuity.

Unfortunately the experience up close was slightly underwhelming. The park area out the front was fenced off. There was some sort of renovation works which meant there was a load of construction materials and fences dotted around. Which took away from the majesty of the structure.

We continued our exploration of the city. We found a nice little cafe to stop and get some cheese and red wine to refuel. After this little pitstop we continued onto the Concorde and then the Louvre. Unfortunately the Notre Dame is temporarily closed so we thought after 25,000 steps it was time to call it a day and head back to our hotel room. We found a cute local place to stay out and drink wine all night.

On our final day we went back to the Sacre Coure to enjoy the views of the city as we waited for our train.

One last "treat" of Paris before we left was a steak tartare. I've had frogs legs and escargot and can safely say that the steak tartare is by far the worst of the 3. It was just an overpriced lump of uncooked meat. I was not a fan.

So our whirlwind city break in Paris is over and we're already into festive mode.

On our way home we spoke about dream holidays and where our next destination should be. We love travelling and trying new places.

So if anyone is reading, what is your favourite destination or most recommended holiday?

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