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Not Long Now

With the birth of our second child imminent we have been trying to get out and enjoy as many activities as we can with Olive.

Pais took Olive strawberry picking. Unfortunately I couldn't make it due to work but Olive ate enough straw"bellies" for all of us. She was eating them just as quickly as she was putting them in the container.

On the weekend we went to soft play. It was the first time I've taken her to soft play in quite a while and the difference is crazy from last time. We started off having a big breakfast and Olive sat at the table drinking her "tea" with us. When we finished we went into the soft play section and wooosh, Olive ran off like a flash. Before me and Pais even had a chance to sit and get a coffee she was up the stairs and running around like a lunatic. She's so funny running around playing. She would come running out of the soft play part and check on me and Pais, turn around and run back inside to continue playing. I was sweating trying to keep up with her.

On Sunday morning I took Olive to the park so Pais could have a bit of a rest. Olive insisted on sitting in her doll's pram. It was hilarious pushing her down the road to get to the park. We had loads of fun at the park especially on the swings. She just kept yelling "higher daddy".

Later that day we went over to our brother in laws place to say happy bday and have a bit of cake. It was a bit surreal putting Olive in the car with the second car seat in there. When we got there the kids were digging holes in the garden and playing with worms. I have said it before but I really love watching the kids playing together. I am so happy they are allowed to again. It brings a huge smile to my face seeing Olive so happy. She's growing up so fast and she loves her cousins. Fingers crossed she loves her little brother just as much.

Pais is due to pop imminently. I keep thinking tonight will be the night and I'm sure Pais is wishing it was. But one thing we know for sure is it's not long now

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