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A month old already

I can't belive how fast time flies. Baby Arthur is already a month old!

How has it been a month already? It has been a whirlwind. As usual we've been keeping busy, just the way we like it.

My work has been really busy since I got back and it has been challenging trying to juggle a new born, Olive and help out Pais as much as I can while she's still recovering from the birth and surgery. We are working together as a team to support each other so we get enough rest and don't get too tired. To be fair, Pais is a champion doing all of the nights but Olive is also amazing with Arthur.

At the moment it almost feels as though we are each a parent to one of the children. I have had loads of extra time with Olive and Pais is non-stop attached to Arthur. We are so lucky because Olive is so good with Arthur. She hasn't been jealous at all, if anything she loves him too much. She cries for him when she's going to bed and just wants to cuddle and kiss him all the time.

It's been tough getting in time to workout amongst all of the chaos and the sea of nappies but I've still been making time to move everyday. Olive sometimes joins me for a little workout in the garden and she loves doing "up ups" (Push Ups).

It's a good thing we love being busy because this is just the start. This month we have Samuel, our nephews, birthday and Olive's second birthday. Can't belive she's 2 already! Make the days count, don't count the days!

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