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Birthday Weekend

Happy birthday to my beautiful baby girl.

I can't believe she's already a year old. This year has been the weirdest, craziest, and most challenging year of my life but her smile has made me happy everyday and has made every poopy nappy and sleepless night all worth it.

She is a daily reminder of everything that's good in the world. Her cheeky grin, her curiosity and bright blue eyes light up our life.

What an amazing long weekend.

Firstly a big round of applause to Pais for doing such an amazing job decorating our place so beautifully.

On Thursday afternoon Pais parents came over and gave us loads of help setting up. Kev took Olive to the zoo, her favourite, so Pais and mum could get to work.

There was loads of preparation to do, loads of balloons to blow up and loads of finishing touches to apply.

Then the big day started on Friday. When Olive woke up, we both jumped up out of bed (probably more excited than her) and went into her room singing Happy Birthday. She wasn't impressed....she cried.

We then rang "nanny who lives in the phone". We had scheduled a call with my mum in Australia and she had gone all out with a massive tea party for Olive. She was gutted that she didn't get to come to England and celebrate with us but she really went all out, making cupcakes, a barbie marshmallow cake, she sent presents and loads more. It was super cute and I know Olive loved every minute of it. Thanks Mum.

Just as she finished her breakfast and tea party with Nanny, she barely even got a chance for a nap before the cousins came over and the party started.

The kids were hilarious and I think Holly thought it was her Birthday. She just wanted to play with all of the toys. It was so much fun watching them all play together.

We're so lucky to have such close family and it's so cool that the kids get to grow up together.

They played together all day and had loads of snacks, cake and sweeties.

Olive was pooped and fell asleep a bit earlier than normal and had a big nights sleep. Which was good for me and Pais.

Saturday was another big day of celebrating with the friends and family.

More Cake, friends, family and fun. What an amazing couple of days.

Thank you everyone who had made her first birthday so special.

We've had the best time celebrating Olive's first year.

12 months of our gorgeous baby girl.

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