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Quarantine and Chill?

Can someone just turn 2020 off and turn it back on again?

What a wacky week. First full week of lockdown done. Completed it mate.

To be honest, it really has been a mixed bag. It was probably the busiest week of work I've ever hard with some almost impossible challenges, some amazing human spirit shown and some fantastic weather to boot.

We have made the most of the good weather this week, making sure we're taking Olive out on her daily walk and spending time in the garden when we can. We're lucky we have a garden and we certainly use it as much as possible.

Olive enjoys playing outside in the sun and I still made sure to have Friday lunch beers.

Disney Plus got release this week also! What an absolute blast from the past. I am loving it. I'm rewatching all the cartoons from my childhood, starting with the Xmen cartoons. I'm not saying I'm the biggest Xmen fan in the world but I really enjoy all of the cartoons and the movies. I even have a tattoo of "The Beast" from the Xmen cartoons on my ribs.

On a side note the TV looks great on the newly painted unit that Pais did such a fantastic job refurbishing and painting to look better than new.

I continued my quest to get Olive interested in the original Disney cartoons today watching the Little Mermaid with a big burger lunch from Burger Amour in town.

Tonight because we can't all meet for our regularly scheduled family dinner we're going to all meet online later for a "pub quiz". I can't wait and I think it's fantastic that technology can enable us to still live as regularly as possible even when we're in such strange times.

Just remember it will all be back to normal soon and the sun will be shining!

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