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Guest Post by my amazing wife, Paisley

My amazing wife reflecting on the last month.

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I can’t get my head around this! 6 months!!!That’s half a year! Time is going too fast although this past month has been pretty long! Real talk - Without a doubt, the most difficult month yet. It started with a second tooth cutting, then a viral infection, trip to the doctors, immediately followed by a nasty cough and cold and another trip to the doctors then rounding off the month with her 3rd tooth cutting. All resulting in a severe lack of sleep for both of us, a lot of tears (me), round the clock pooping (her!) and non stop cuddling and feeding. It’s been tough but I’ve reminded myself this is all temporary. Even when it’s 6am and I haven’t slept because Olive just wants to be held, I remind myself that one day it will be the last time I rock her to sleep. One day she won’t cry for me to hold her and so for now, we’re in it together. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean I’ve enjoyed how difficult this month has been but we survived! We had to throw any sort of routine out the window and I’ve let her fall asleep on my chest all night and through teary, exhausted eyes I look at her and know I couldn’t possibly love her any more. It’s tough, but it’s all worth it ❤️

Happy 6 months my gorgeous girl!

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