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Celebrations with the twins

What a fantastic weekend of celebrating.

Lots of food Cake Cocktails Presents Hot tub Friends Family And most of all FUN!

On Saturday we went on a delicious dinner to a sushi restaurant in town. The food was amazing and we certainly ate enough of it to know. Great company and great conversation while the girls were talking about 30 things to do in their 30th year. A great concept and made for some interesting conversation and hopefully some exciting activities in the next year.

On Sunday we celebrated the girls birthday with their parents and exchanged gifts as well as ate again! We had a delicious Indian Curry and even more importantly some delicious cakes that Michelle, the girls mother made.

One Espresso Martini cake and one Pina Colada cake. These went down a treat and also with a cocktail of their namesake. Absolutely delicious.

On Monday I took the day off work and went to baby sensory. It was a St Patricks day theme which was a lot of fun and Olive really enjoyed herself. I think I enjoyed it just as much as her after I got to have a little Irish jig.

We then went over to Sophie and Adams house in the afternoon, had some more cake, more celebrations, more cocktails, a little soak in the hot tub and loads of laughs.

I feel like the time just flew but we ended up doing loads and having an amazing family fun weekend.

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