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Rollercoaster of a week

This week has been an absolute rollercoaster ride.

On Monday it was announced a new company had purchased our company, which is always a stressful time. Although I'm feeling optimistic about the change, there is always a concern of providing for my family.

Then on Tuesday I had an amazing workout, smashed out some logpress and kettlebells. I am really pushing my shoulder hard trying to bring back my previous strength and compete in Strongman again this year. I also have been pushing my cardio to ensure I am fit and ready for the new rugby season.

Then on Wednesday morning I woke up, went for a jog, then got to work and realised I had weird red blotching all over my neck and shoulders. I thought nothing of it. I thought it might just be a shaving rash or because I was running in the cold outside.

I went on with my day. I signed up for Trekfest, a 50km hike through the Beacons in Wales. Up and down mountains, through the hills and all offroad. Something that I have wanted to do for a long time and a fun challenge that I'm sure I will write more about as it gets closer.

Then just before lunchtime I looked down and there were little red dots that had appeared all over my arms. I knew something wasn't right so I went home and straight to the doctors. Turns out I have a viral infection causing an outbreak all over my body.

Gross. This is extra frustrating because I have only just started feeling better after my bout of antibiotics for an ear infection. Going from neven having been sick in my adult life, never having taken any medication or any antiobiotics ever at all, to then having 2 quite serious issues in the same time has really put a downer on my motivation and my energy levels.

I however know the secret to motivation is to just pick myself up and keep on going. I have always said that motivation isn't necessary, discipline is.

Gotta keep hammering

p.s Pais has finished decorating the nursery. More on this later.

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