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Big Week for Olive

This week Olive seems to have grown up almost overnight. She's been eating different foods, she sit up for the first time, she has her second tooth through, she's rolling over, she turned 5 months and she slept in her cot by herself for the first time.

This week she's tried eating carrot puree, sweet potato puree, watermelon sticks, pea puree, she's started using a sippy cup and also trying some Farleys Rusks. Olive has been to baby sensory with Daddy on Monday, she went swimming with Mummy and to the Zoo this weekend with both of us. We try and get Olive out of the house and experiencing as much as possible together.

She's had a big week. She's developing so much and had her first night in her own bed. So me and Pais enjoyed a nice Friday night in with a tub of icecream :)

After a big week for Olive, next week it's time for me to kick it up a notch. Especially now that we've had our first Rugby preseason training session. Time to up the cardio in training and up the intensity.

Let's get after it!

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