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Happy Birthday to me

This week has mostly been about me :) It's been great fun, I've had an amazing time.

It all started early on Sunday night with the family having a nice takeaway Thai dinner and a delicious coffee and walnut cake.

I got some really nice presents and had loads of fun but the highlight had to be spending most of the day on my birthday with Olive doing lots of fun activities.

I got to take Olive to swimming lessons in the morning. Kicky kicky kicky, splash splash splash. If you have ever taken a little one swiming lessons you might know what I mean.

Then we went to our favourite spot at the zoo, the sealion tunnel and had a really nice time wondering around. Olive fell asleep in the car and was absolutely sparko. She was asleep with her mouth open catching flies.

Then the fantastic day was topped off with a fantastic dinner with my gorgeous wife and a nice little date night.

We had a delicious steak dinner at Miller and Carter while the family stayed at home and babysat our little Olive blossom. Thanks again.

That's the birthday done for another year.

Really need to work hard on the training for the rest of the week. I have managed to do a few runs and keep up the gym work so I haven't fallen behind much. Really need to amp it up over the next week before the end of the month if I'm to have any hope of hitting the 100km running challenge mark.

Time to get to work!

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