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Storm Ciara

What a wet and wild weekend!

This update brought to you by Storm Ciara.....bye fence

That was a different wake up Sunday morning. Oh well!

Olive wasn't bothered.

At least Saturday was fun. We went for a nice walk around Dedham, along the riverside and through the fields. A bit muddy but Olive had a great time. This was capped of by a stop at a country pub, nice beer, bit of rugby and Olive trying a lime for the first time.

Even though Pais did photobomb my fantastic beer in front of an open fireplace picture.

I'm still catching up from the weekend, pub lunch on Saturday, walk around Dedham, Olive trying some lime, photobombing my beer in front of the fireplace pics, fence being blown down, then poor Olive being up all Sunday night in pain with new teeth coming in. 🦷

So today I've been bloody tired but still managed a good squat workout.

I'm really trying to work on my weaknesses this year and improve my cardio, flexibility and balance. So after doing a lot of volume squats, kettlebell swings, calf raises superset with hanging leg raises, I then spent about 10 minutes on the "half bosu" ball working on my balance, mobility and strengthening my ankles. Lots of overhead squats, single leg balance and "tree posture" on the ball.

I've fallen a little behind on the running challenge so I've really got to get some miles in the legs this week. Time to get back to work!

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