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Busy Times Ahead

Everything is starting to get really busy at work with the new company's acquistion. We are really starting to get into the thick of things, attending supplier relationship meetings, finding new suppliers, adjusting our infrastructure, software integration work and the list goes on.

As well as quite a hectic work schedule involving a fair amount of travellling, we have been been weaning Olive into more solid foods. She is absolutely loving trying new flavours and textures which makes the whole experience really enjoyable and exciting for me and Pais.

We are also trying her with different sippy cups so she can get used to holding them. We give Olive her own spoon when we feed her so she can try feeding herself and get used to using a spoon. As you can see above she is enjoying her cauliflower cheese, even if it was a mess for us to clean up afterward.

The only downside is with all of the extra responsibility and additional workload at work is that it is making finding time to spend with Olive very difficult but extra important.

I still read to Olive every night, at least try to. Sometimes she's not a fan and will have a little whinge but generally she just stares at me and tries to grab the pages as I'm turning them.

I'm still keeping up with my regular gym work also. I make sure I go every lunch hour or if I have to miss lunch because of a meeting or if I'm away I always try to do a "catch up" session another morning during the week. I think it's important to keep active so my energy levels stay high. I know it sounds counter intuitive but I always seem to have more energy when I exercise regularly.

Even if it's a small 20-30 minutes, I always make sure to stay active. I'm finally back on track with my running challenge and have passed the 70km mark.

I'm still not sure if I'll hit the 100km....only 3 days to go!

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