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World Book Day

As some of you already know I love reading to Olive and try and read to her every night. We have a few favourites that I swear she's following along and a few others she doesn't quite make the whole way through.

Alice and the White Rabbit is definitely a favourite but Olive seems to like all of the old nursery rhymes like 3 little pigs, Humpty Dumpty and 3 Billy Goats.

I definitely think reading to Olive has been great for her development. Whether or not that's true, I don't know, I'm not a doctor. All I know is that we have fun and it's great bonding time.

This week I also found the Amazon Prime has the "Rugrats" which was an absolute throwback for me so I had to put it on for Olive. I'm not sure she enjoyed it as much as she enjoys Little Baby Bum.

This weekend is another big one with Pais Birthday, Auntie Sophie's Birthday and all of the festivities that come with that. They have started already when we went out for Sushi last night but I will update more on this when the weekend has finished.

p.s it was delicious.

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