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Humpday Workout

Where to start. It's been a tiring and busy week. On the back of a exhausting start to the week with Olive cutting her first tooth but struggling to sleep, a big announcement at work and some very good workouts, it has been a full on week.

Starting with something very special, Olives first tooth.

Poor bubba has had some restless nights, which means interrupted sleep for Mummy and Daddy. To be fair, Pais has let me sleep and she has stayed up comforting Olive lots in the nights.

Meanwhile Pais has still been doing loads during the day with Olive with baby sensory on Monday and swimming lessons on Wednesday.

I have also been keeping busy. I have been to gym 3 times already this week in my lunch breaks from work.

I had a really good legs session on Monday consisting of heavy squats, side lunges and kettlebell swings.

Tuesday was a good pressing session with incline bench, resistance band pulls, dumbell overhead press, alternating kettlebell GTOH and lateral raises.

Then today was a deadlifting variation day. I did a few different variations of deadlifts, including snatch grip deadlifts, deficit deadlifts and kettlebell golfers lifts. I finished with a little conditioning circuit of suitcase carries and legs raises.

Tomorrow the plan is a pulling session, with some power cleans for conditioning. As I get closer to rugby pre-season I want to start incorporating more power movements to mimic the same energy systems I will use in a game.

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