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Haven Holiday

We just took Olive on her first holiday.

We went on a nice little haven holiday break at Caister on Sea. We had a fantastic time swimming, going on beach walks, playing in the arcades and that was only the first day.

From the moment we got there Olive was living her best life. She owned the holiday straight away and had a fantastic time.

We had ate loads over the weekend, papa johns pizza, fish and chips, burgers and loads of other naughty snacks. But you know what they say "Calories don't count on holidays". Well that's what the restaurant said anyway.

At the Haven Holiday there was a kids disco that we went to with the whole family. The kids had loads of fun but to be fair I think us adults had an even better time.

Blue Steel!

Then after we checked out of the caravan and were on our way home we spent our final day at the Sea Life Aquarium in Great Yarmouth. That was so much fun, we saw fish, sharks, sea turtles and it was a fantastic way to finish off our weekend away and Olive's first holiday.

We are already looking forward to the next holiday now.

However in the meantime it's back to work!

p.s Olive is representing St Patricks day with the green bowl and green food today. I might help with an Irish Whisky a little later.

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