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Celebrate good times!

The last month has been full of celebrations.

We had Pais and Sophs bday party, mothers day and Easter. It has been a nonstop celebratory rollercoaster.

It started strong with Pais and Sophs bday. It wasn't how we originally planned to spend their birthday. We were supposed to be going to Vegas and partying and living it up.

We didnt let that stop us from having a great time. I decorated the house with balloons, confetti and a big happy birthday banner. We had delicious eggs benny breakfast. Loads of presents and some delicious personalized cookies and cake pops box.

The cakes that Michelle made were just amazing. There was a Flamingo and a Swan both made with melted chocolate feathers. They were spectacular.

Just a few days later was Mothers day. It was a little more quiet. I tried to give Pais a relaxing day. To be honest I cant even remember what we did. It was too long ago. I really need to write these blogs more regularly.

A couple weeks later, a few wardrobes built, some more bits done around the house and loads more walks in the country it was Easter.

aster was a great weekend. Far too much chocolate was eaten. We created a little chocolate monster. We went down to the local park where the village community were putting on a little Easter event and egg hunt in the local park. Pais made an incredible chocolate extravaganza cake and then we baked some fun chocolate rice crispies with Olive.

We have made a lot of progress on the house and entertainment area but I still have a long way to go. Hot tub is on order, plans are almost finished and work is planned.

I am so excited that gyms have re-opened (again) and restrictions are starting to ease. About bloody time. I can't wait to get back into some strongman training.

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