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Easter long weekend

It has been a different Easter long weekend this year but we have definitely made the most of it and we have definitely been spoilt with the warm weather.

Over the weekend we had some amazing weather and we made sure we spent most of it in the garden so Olive could enjoy outside as much as possible. We got a popup UV tent off Amazon and we got a little baby blow up pool that we had in the shed. We had loads of fun splashing around and sun bathing. We dressed Olive up in a black singlet and shorts so she could wear her "Mason uniform" and match with Daddy.

It's after taking the picture with Olive that I realised just how long and crazy my hair was getting so I decided to get a haircut. That's when Trent messaged me and said he was going to shave his head. He then shaved a mohawk in, so I did, then Ben did. We had a laugh with it.

We normally spend Easter weekend with the family going egg rolling, having a big dinner and just enjoying loads of family time. Whilst this wasn't quite the same this year, we still had a big dinner, still facetimed the family so we had family dinner "together".

We still stuck with tradition and got a picture of Olive in her easter box. I thought she would hate it but she loves proving me wrong and had a great time, which meant Pais could have a full on photoshoot with her.

We had family dinner up to the table together and joined the rest of the family on video chat. We have had a great weekend for Olive's first Easter.

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