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Summer has started

Summer has well and truly started. The sun is shining, the birds and singing and the icecream is calling my name.

The last week has been particularly nice.

We've spent a load of time in the garden and it's made us want to really make it as relaxing and fun out there as possible. We went to a garden centre to get a few plants and some grass seed. We decided to get some breakfast when we were there.

They had a really nice courtyard we could eat in and the food was delicious. Had some nice wisteria climbing around a pergola which did give us a few ideas. Might save that for next summer.

We went home and planted our apple tree and pear tree. Olive also saw some strawberry plants that she wanted and she helped me plant them in our little garden bed at the back.

During the week I was lucky enough to get a chance to take Olive to her swimming lessons. She loves the water but doesn't like being told what to do. She didn't listen to the instructions at all. She just wanted to play with the toys.

This weekend I took Olive to watch her first rugby game. She had loads of fun, especially when she found a ball to play with. The Rhino's had a fantastic game and a good win over tough opposition. I didn't envy the guys playing in that heat but I'm looking forward to playing again soon.

On Sunday we finally got out an inflatable swimming pool that we got for Olive. I didn't realise how big it was and it took me ages to blow it all up. I didn't have a pump and almost blew my lungs up with the pool.

I think the weekend might have been a bit much for Olive though as she's got a bit of a runny nose and she's super exhausted.

Bring on more summer, more Bbq's and more fun in the sun 🌞

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