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Fun in the Sun

We are making the most of our time in the sun whenever we can.

The weather has been fantastic it's a shame that we have had to miss our holidays away and seeing our family and friends but we are still enjoying ourselves.

We are still getting out for our daily walks and ensuring that Olive is able to see and enjoy as much of the world as she can.

I have said it before but we are very fortunate to have a backyard. Lots of fun in her paddling pool that we have turned into a ballpit, mornings together in the fresh morning air and the afternoon sun shining nicely until it's bedtime.

It makes me so happy to see our daughter growing up and smiling. We can't wait to get back to normal life, going to the zoo, family dinner on a Sunday and holidays!

Not much else going on to write about but I guess that's lockdown life.

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