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Family days out

Firstly, what a bloody hot week it has been.

I cant remember whether I have written about this before but we're so happy that swimming lessons are starting back up for Olive again. She has always loved the water and loved swimming, she's a real water baby.

We took Olive for a swim again finally and rented out the pool that she does her swimming lessons in now that it has reopened.

Pais brother and his girlfriend have had a baby and we're so happy to have a new baby nephew :)

On the weekend we braved the car journey in the heat down to crowded Brighton to go visit him for the first time. We had so much fun and I must admit seeing him made me want another baby.

When we first got there we were stuck in nightmare traffic, it was boiling hot, we went to the wrong car park and it was all going a bit shit. When we finally parked we got out and went to Aaron's shop to say hello things started looking up. We went to a pub next door to the shop and grabbed a nice refreshing drink. We even braved the beachfront and got a delicious ice cream.

That's when I rocked Pais world!

We went to an ice cream shop that happened to have over 30 flavours on the board. She asked me to pick any flavour for her then kept walking to find some shade for Olive. Just as I was ordering she went to yell out to me what she wanted but it was too late. Doesn't matter....I got it in one. Raspberry ripple. She was so happy, arguably the best thing i've done as a husband and definitely the most impressed I've ever made her.

We went to a really nice little park around the corner from their house and had a nice family walk, ice cream and play in the park. We went back to Aaron and Mandy's house and enjoyed a delicious dinner and had a really good catch up.

We then went back to the hotel.....

The hotel was okay, it was just a room to stay for the night.....but bloody hell it was hot. We couldn't open the windows because they were safety windows. There was no aircon. Olive couldn't sleep, I wouldn't stop complaining, sweating everywhere, even tried sleeping on the floor. Then inlaws to the rescue. They went and bought us a fan for our room. How good is that!? Thanks again!

We met up with everyone for lunch before we made our way home the next day to have more catch ups and cuddles.

The journey home was easy and Olive slept the whole way. She's so good in the car it definitely makes getting away for little trips easy for us.

On Sunday we had a really nice family dinner and Olive had another big day playing with her cousins.

Another week jam packed of family fun and excitement.

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