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Big birthday bonanza

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of cakes, presents, days out, late nights and lots of memories made.

Our yearly birthday bonanza with all the kids in the family having their birthdays in the span of just a few weeks.

Kicking off the start of birthday season is Cohen at the end of July. Then Samuel, the oldest nephew, at the end of August. Just a couple of days earlier than our own little princess' birthday, Olive who is now 2 years old. Then last but not least our gorgeous neice Holly in September.

It's always such a busy time of year but it is so much fun and it's so amazing watching all of the kids grow up.

For Cohens birthday we all got together at the inlaws house for tea and cake. It was his first birthday and it was the first time all of the cousins got together at once. The kids all had a great explore of papa's new campervan

Next up was Sammy's birthday. The family went over to Sophie and Ads house where they had a marquee in the garden with a full cinema set up inside. There was blow up cinema chairs, a projector, surround sound, loads of popcorn, pick and mix and hot dogs. It was a full cinema experience. It was a joint party for both Sammy and Holly. We sat and watched Raya the last dragon. For a while at least. Then the sweets kicked in and the kids were running around like little crazies.

Just a few days later we had Olives second birthday. I can't believe she's 2 already. Her first birthday feels like it was yesterday. She's such a funny, smart, strong willed little girl who is growing up far too fast for me to handle.

We started the morning with bringing Olive into our bed and singing her happy birthday with Arthur.

We went downstairs and made her a special birthday breakfast before opening presents. We opened our presents to her first. We got her a balance bike but she wasn't quite sure and after trying it told us it was too big. She did however love her Emma Wiggle outfit that we got her. Emma Wiggle is her favourite Wiggle but she still didn't want to actually put on the outfit.

We then rang "nanny who lives in the phone" in Australia who had made a princess tea party for Olive, with a castle cake and lots of party food. I'm sure mum was eating cake for a week afterwards.

Nanny got Olive a toy toaster and kettle which have to be the most annoying presents but she absolutely loves making us tea and toast. The kettle doesn't have an off button....reminder not to replace those batteries.

Olive is obsessed with animals so we decided to spend the day at the zoo. We had loads of fun with the family and the cousins at the zoo together. We spent all day there and when we finally got home we had Olives bouncy castle delivered. I thought the kids would be too tired after a day at the zoo to play. I was wrong. After a serving of Colin the caterpillar cake they were all ready to go.

The next day we had Olives birthday party. We had a bouncing castle, pizzas, sweets, cake, presents, a puppy, friends, balloons, so many balloons and a great time celebrating and making memories.

It was amazing. Thank you everyone who came and everyone who wished Olive a happy birthday. It makes us so happy knowing how loved she is.

Then last week we celebrated our beautiful neice Holly's birthday. We went for a delicious pub lunch on the weekend and the kids had loads of fun all playing together outside in the big garden. We had even more cake back at Soph and Ads. The next day we celebrated even more with fish and chips down at the waterfront.

It has been a crazy busy few weeks making memories but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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