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Zoo and Beach weekend

Phew the whirlwind 3 weeks of birthdays are over but that doesn't stop us from continuing to enjoy some fun family time.

We made sure we enjoyed the surprise sunny weather. We woke up early saturday morning and found ourselves without any plans for the first time in ages. So we decided to go for an impromptu visit to our favourite place, the zoo!

On the way to the zoo we stopped by the carwash. We were worried about Olive being scared going through the carwash (I'm pretty sure I was as a kid) but nope, she was fascinated by it.

The zoo was fantastic as always and for some reason there were "dinosaurs" roaming around the zoo which was hilarious to watch the T-rex waddle around or the Triceratops scaring people and knocking things with its' tail.

We went to the petting zoo section, fed some goats and saw a "wonkey donkey" which was loads of fun.

Sunday we had our family day with a bit of a twist. We went to the beach. We went to a fishing village called "Walberswick". I can say without a doubt it was the nicest beach I've been to in the UK. I think going to the Two Magpies bakery on the way definitely helped.

We had a lovely day with the family at the beach, had loads of fun crabbing and it is so much fun watching the cousins all play together. I took Olive on a long walk to try and get her to have a little nap in her pram and Holly just had to come along to make sure bubba was okay. They are like sisters - rivalry and all! Sammy was crabbing with "papa" and just wanted to keep them all in his bucket. Then Holly comes along, decides the crabs need some rocks in there with them. Sammy was not impressed. The 3 of them together are hilarious.

We went back to our place for a cheeky chinese for dinner. The kids were starting to get a little bit tired and cranky at that point so we had our dinner then everyone went home, happy and full of duck pancakes. Great Sunday!

Summer is coming to an end but we're still enjoying the outdoors as much as we can, while we can.

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