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Workout day

Today was a big workout day. I did 3 separate workouts, 9 hour work day and obviously playtime with Olive. When I woke up this morning I didn't intend to workout 3 times, it just happened. I woke up early this morning, Pais and Olive were both sound asleep. I laid there for a while trying to get back to sleep but I was awake. So I thought why not head to the gym. I gave them both a kiss goodbye (they didn't move a muscle) and off I went. I started with fasted cardio. 500 calo

Olives first swimming lessons

Olive had her first swimming lesson today. She was a natural, she loves the water and enjoyed kicking and splashing everywhere. Here's a throwback to the first time she went in the pool. While mumma was taking Olive swimming I was at work but I got in another really good lunchtime workout. I try to squeeze a lot of work into my 40-45 minute workouts so I have to make sure I get the best bang for my buck. Today I did a mini "gym triathlon" which consisted of a 1km row on the c

First Workout of the New Year

First workout of the new year. That was tough. Squats, kettlebell swings, Russian twists and calf raises. Great to get back to it. Feeling good and ready for big things this year. Wearing my ready to roar strongman competition shirt. It was a busy day, first day back at work for the New Year as well. Couple hundred emails later and a tough workout I get a message from Pais. Love getting these types of messages while I'm at work. Olive is ready for baby sensory Home time for c

Meal Prep Sunday

Meal prep done for my lunches next week. Healthy chilli con carne, packed with veges in the slow cooker. 5 days worth for less than a tenner. #mealprep #dadlife #itsthedadbod #dadbod #dadsofinstagram #chilli #slowcooker #mealplanning #mealprepsunday #healthy #quickmeals #lunch #daddy

Easy like Sunday mornings

Morning coffee and nursery rhymes. Thanks little baby bum nursery rhymes for making mornings a little easier. Trying to let mumma have a little extra rest this morning after an interrupted sleep with Olive teething last night. #dad #itsthedadbod #dadlife #nurseryrhymes #babygirl #daddydaughter #family #coffee #mornings #babytime #parenting

Saturday in Finchingfield

Enjoying a Saturday out exploring Finchingfield today. Nice fish and chips at the pub for lunch. After a fun night with the guys I was up early with my girls. Can't always be about me, the gym and work, I always make time for family fun, especially on the weekend. Love every minute of it. #dad #dadbod #dadlife #family #familyfun #itsthedadbod #fishandchips #countryside #essex #familytime #country #pub #weekend #saturday

Olives first email

Just created Olive her own email address so we can send her messages, stories and pictures while she's growing up. Then when she's older we will give her the password and she can read them. It's like a digital time capsule. Thanks @sophieri91 for the idea! Anyone else done something like this? Please share your ideas below. #dadlife #dad #dadsofinstagram #itsthedadbod #dadbod #daddydaughter #daddysgirl #daddydaughter

My First Post

I'm documenting in here my daily dad life whilst fitting in working out, nutrition (sometimes) and full time work.


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