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Workout day

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Today was a big workout day. I did 3 separate workouts, 9 hour work day and obviously playtime with Olive.

When I woke up this morning I didn't intend to workout 3 times, it just happened.

I woke up early this morning, Pais and Olive were both sound asleep. I laid there for a while trying to get back to sleep but I was awake. So I thought why not head to the gym. I gave them both a kiss goodbye (they didn't move a muscle) and off I went.

I started with fasted cardio. 500 calories and half an hour on the elliptical before work 🔥💦

I got to work and it was over an hour later when I got a message from Pais saying that Olive was still asleep! This was at 9am! Then 15 minutes later I get the below picture with a message saying "she's awake now".

She just so bloody cute!

After a few more hours at work it got to my usual lunchtime workout. My legs were already sore but I was scheduled for a "pull" day.

This involved pullups, heavy kettlebell rows, face pulls, heavy bicep curls superset with cable crosses. It was quite a heavy day today and i'm looking forward to Yoga and active recovery tomorrow.

Then when I got home tonight, me and Olive were having fun playing on her playmat and with her Jellycat Shrimp when Pais came downstairs wanting to do a Cari_fit workout with her new Ergo baby carrier that she got on the weekend.

We built up a nice sweat and Olive found it hilarious and giggled her way through it.

Today was an exhausting but good day :)

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