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Olives first swimming lessons

Olive had her first swimming lesson today. She was a natural, she loves the water and enjoyed kicking and splashing everywhere. Here's a throwback to the first time she went in the pool.

While mumma was taking Olive swimming I was at work but I got in another really good lunchtime workout. I try to squeeze a lot of work into my 40-45 minute workouts so I have to make sure I get the best bang for my buck. Today I did a mini "gym triathlon" which consisted of a 1km row on the concept rowing machine, 2km bike ride on the stationary bike and a 1km run on the treadmill. This was follow up by about 30 minutes of heavy deadlifting 10 sets in total.

Had an easy but delicious dinner of Steak and vegetables tonight.

Then I got to spend some really good quality time with Olive and we had a great play time together and I got her giggling finally. She's giggled before but she's a tough crowd and doesn't give her giggles away for free.

Had to work hard for them but I'm glad I captured them on video.

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