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Muddle Puddles

Although Olive has been taking steps for a while now, she all of a sudden decided to start walking everywhere. She really found her feet this weekend.

We weren't sure what to do this weekend and with the weather turning all rainy and grey we thought we would be stuck inside. We didn't stay inside for long. Olive couldn't stay still and we knew we had to do something with her. So we went for a long walk through the country park.

We went splashing in muddy puddles, Olive played in her new wellington boots and we had a great time walking through the woods. Me and Pais stopped and played like big kids with some of the fallen down trees and I lifted some logs. It was muddy, messy, wet but loads of fun. We didn't do much on Saturday night just the usual story time with Olive and then we had a bit an easy night watching Netflix.

On Sunday morning, I had a rare sleep in. Pais woke up with Olive in the morning. I really appreciated the extra rest. Even though I love my early mornings with Olive, sometimes a little bit of extra sleep is needed and that's what a partner is there for.

Raising a child certainly requires teamwork. Appreciate you Pais.


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