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Been a little while

It's been almost 2 weeks since my last blog post.

To be honest I haven't got too much to update on. It's almost like groundhog day at the moment. It's good that we have maintained some sort of routine but it is also a little monotonous.

On the plus side I am enjoying more time with Olive during the day and it's great seeing her grow so much right before my eyes.

She is rolling everywhere and really moving around a lot, she is trying to literally "walk" before she can crawl.

She loves the cat and gets super excited whenever Ralph enters a room. She squeals and even says "Cat!" which is amazing because she still doesn't say Mumma. Poor Pais.

We are sticking to our routine and still going for our daily walks. We went on a long walk down to the local park on the weekend which was nice to see some different scenery.

We're still reading to Olive every night and she definitely has her favourite that she squeaks and giggles along to like "Wonkey Donkey", "Pirahna's Don't Like Banana's" or "Baby's Good Night".

I have been toying with the idea of writing a little workout e-book for a while now and I have finished my first draft. I have given a copy to a couple friends to read and had some decent feedback. I think it's something that has always interested me so I've decided to give it a crack. I mean why not? So watch this space.

Otherwise there is not too much to update on.

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