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Log Cabin and Dino Roar!

Last week we had an amazing holiday. First holiday in over a year. We went away to a Forest Holiday, log cabin in Thetford forest.

It was great to get away for the first time and probably the last time as just the 3 of us. As soon as we got there on Monday afternoon we went for a nice afternoon walk before a nice antipasto dinner. Olive went to sleep surprisingly well in her travel cot. We were worried she would put up a bit of a fight but she was an absolute delight.

Me and Pais then enjoyed the rest of our evening in the hottub relaxing and unwinding.

The rest of our week followed a similar pattern. We went on nice walks in the forest, explored some nature trails, relaxed in the hot tub and spent some nice family time together.

On Wednesday we went on a little trip to Roarr! Dinosaur adventure park.

Olive is completely obsessed with dinosaurs at the moment and we started the morning by giving her a little plush t-rex toy.

When we walked in there was a massive trex and Olive went up to it super excited and then it roared and she just jumped out of her shoes. She was equally scared and excited. We continued the day seeing all of the different dinosaurs, playing on the playground, running around pretending to be dinosaurs and just having an amazing time.

It was great to have a week away relaxing. I can't wait to go on a beach holiday next. It still could be a while away but with lockdowns and restrictions easing it shouldn't be too much longer.

For now we're going to enjoy the remaining weeks until 3 become 4.

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