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Last week at Clacton Pier and new rugby kit

We had a fantastic day by the seaside, went to Clacton pier, got an ice cream, went to Manningtree then back to grandma and papas house.

Had some delicious home made crumble, cheeky beer in the hot tub, then came home and had some delicious pulled pork with rice and peas.

Now Olive is asleep, dishes are done, meal prep for next week done. Now time for a glass of red wine.

Sundays are fast becoming our favourite day. Family, fun and good food.

We also got some stash at rugby at training on Wednesday. Awesome new personalised stash from the rugby club.

The club and coach are doing a great job and working hard during this weird covid period and investing a lot of time and effort in the players.

Ensuring that the team can train safely but also ensure we are fit for when games start again.

New playing kit and club polo shirt.


It's good to be training hard again. Following my own program that I have written and getting strong.

If you want to follow my program and get strong in your lunch break then get a copy of my e-book here.

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