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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I can't believe it's already Christmas this weekend. This year has flown by.

The last few weeks have been so much fun in the lead up to Xmas. Festive season is in full swing.

It started with me taking a bit of time off from work at the end of November. We had an amazing time getting ready for the craziness of December and making more Christmas memories. We took the kids swimming. It was Arthur's first time swimming and he absolutely loved it. It's funny because we thought Olive would love it and Arthur wouldn't but it was the other way around. Arthur wanted to be in the water the whole time and Olive just wanted to sit I'm her dressing gown. She didn't want to spend long swimming.

During those few days we also decorated for Christmas. It was our first time getting a real tree. It is such a nice tree even though I was really against it at first. I still maintain that it's way more annoying than a fake tree and sawing the bottom off was a pain. It was worth it to see Olive's face in the morning just smiling and saying how happy the tree made her.

All the cousins had an epic sleepover at Aunty FiFi's house. It was a Christmas explosion with lots of sweets, crafts and Christmas fun.

Our family from America was over here visiting and while they were here we made the most of celebrating. We went to the panto, which was loads of fun, even though I was very hungover from my work Xmas party the night before. But that's a whole separate story. The Pantomime was Alladin themed and was absolutely hilarious. A certain "Roger" will be forever famous.

The next day we went to a Christmas House that's called "The House". It was a really fun walk through a gorgeous house that was really festively decorated but also had actors inside interacting with people as they went round. The Grinch was particularly good and made us all laugh loads and turned "Roger" into "Shirley" for another fantastic family memory.

But the best thing about the last few weeks has been some fantastic news about Arthur. We had a follow up EEG scan of his brain as a further follow-up after his tough start to life and we are so happy to say that he has the all clear and they can't see anything to worry about or any irregularities. He is growing up so quickly, he is already 5 months old, has 3 teeth, is rolling over and he's starting his weaning journey.

We can't wait for Christmas this weekend even though we know it's going to be crazy. I can't wait to see how excited the kids get opening their presents and seeing the huge smiles on their faces.

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