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Happy Holidays

This time of year is always eventful, busy but most of all exciting. This year chuck in a worldwide pandemic, lockdown 2.0 and a few "tiers" for good measure.

This year especially we made sure to stick to some of our family traditions, old and new. On Christmas eve, Pais and Olive baked Christmas muffins. After I finished work and after dinner we read Christmas stories. We left a carrot out for Rudolph and whisky and a mince pie for Santa. We took Olive up to bed and opened her Christmas eve box that had some new Christmas pjs for her to wear.

On Christmas morning we were up nice and early. We opened some presents that Santa had left for us. We had a morning facetime with Nanny who lives in the phone and my sister too. Luckily we were still allowed to see our family on Christmas day. We unfortunately weren't able to see grammie but we will make up for it when we're able to.

We had a great day playing with our new gifts and eating loads of food. I dont think we've stopped eating since. Boxing day was a cheese fest, with leftovers galore. I also made a delicious Guiness, Whisky and cheese fondue with a fresh bloomer loaf to dip in.

Oh and Pais made Cinammon swirls to boot ...drool.

Thanks again Secret Santa.

I guess that just about wraps it all up....sorry I had to.

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