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Festive Family weekend

This weekend we got into the festive spirit. We are supposed to be moving house and have hesitated to get into the festive spirit and decorate the house thinking that we might have to take it all down and move it all.

But this weekend after another week of delays in our house move, we decided to put up the decorations and get into the Christmas spirit. I'm so glad we did. We took Olive to a local garden centre and she was an absolute crack up looking at the Christmas display, seeing all the lights and listening to the music. She was dancing and giggling away.

Olive loved helping Pais put on decorations, even if she did try and lump them all in the same spot. I enjoyed drinking Baileys while watching my beautiful girls decorate, and occasionally helping. She especially loved all of the breakable ornaments....obviously.

When we got in to see Santa, Olive was mesmerized by all of the lights and decorations but she was also a bit sleepy due to a very short nap earlier and she just seemed to be day dreaming or awestruck. It was hilarious and cute. We then moved into another room that had Elsa from Frozen in it. That was loads of fun and Olive got a little present with a book and a teddy in it that she has barely put down since. So after a fantastic, festive, fun, family filled weekend it was great to get home, crack open some red wine and toast to another amazing week.

Tis the season!

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