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Locked down but not out

I must admit i've found it hard to get back to writing some more on my blog.

First there was complications with the blog then of course with lockdown 2.0 it has been hard to get inspired. So after what has seemed like setback upon setback it is sometimes tough to keep up with the writing and I'm sometimes tempted to pack it in.

I have a few good reasons to keep it going though one of them being memories.

I really enjoy seeing memories come up on my timehop or Facebook memories and I can't wait to read this back with Olive one day. Plus now that she's over a year old I'm starting to see her gorgeous pictures as a baby pop up again. So cute!

Until them I am going to use this update to keep me accountable for a silly little challenge I have set myself when the gyms shut again. I have decided to run 200km during December all finishing in a 50km trail run to make up for the missed trip to Trekfest and the trail run in the Brecon Beacons.

Wish me luck, it starts tomorrow!

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