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Gyms reopened, log cabin office and hot tub on the way

We've been in our new house for almost 3 months now. We have been busy putting out own personal touches on the inside. Pais has been decorating loads, new shelves, new wardrobes etc. But now it's my turn to "decorate".

I drew up my professional plans 🤣🙈 and rolled back the turf in preparation for laying our new patio slabs. Log cabin has been ordered and should be here next week. That will be turned into my new home office. We have also have a hot tub on order and everything is slowly coming together.

During the last year and a bit of lockdowns and covid one thing that has really been highlighted is how important the home is. Pais has done an amazing job making our house a home putting all of her little touches on everything.

I spent most of the bank holiday weekend laying patio slabs and mixing up the concrete foundation. Nothing gets you more pumped than shovelling 1 tonne of sand and moving dozens of slabs.

Speaking of pumped, finally gyms are reopened again after this most recent lockdown. It feels great to be lifting weights again.

During the most recent gym closures and lockdowns I didnt slack off like the first one. I made a choice to work hard. Started running more when I couldnt lift as much.

Now that gyms are open again I'm going to work even harder at being a better version of myself.

If you want to get stronger and live longer then you have to work at it. Grab a copy of my ebook for some tips, advice and a few different training plans.


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