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Family, Friends and Fun

This week has been an action packed week of activities.

On Monday Pais took Olive to baby gym. It has completely changed now that she's walking around, she doesn't sit still for a moment. She was playing on the slide, having a roll around on the mats and basically running around like a lunatic.

She did manage to find the only part of the whole place that didn't have padding and smack her head. Just underneath the balance beam where it was bolted to the ground and the mats intersected, she somehow managed to slip between them and bump her head.

On Wednesday I took the day off work and I finally got to take Olive to swimming lessons for the first time since my birthday. It was so much fun, I almost forgot how much Olive enjoys the water and how much she enjoys swimming. She's a natural in the water and she loves splashing around.

After swimming lessons we went for a delicious lunch at Miller and Carter. They were doing a delicious lunch menu option and we both got a nice starter and a burger for a main meal.

One delicious lunch later, we went to the Zoo! Olive went 3 times this week and she had loads of fun every time. It is our favourite place to go whenever we are looking to do something easy for a few hours.

Then on Saturday we had an awesome Daddy daughter day.

We had a great day together. We went to Go bananas soft play this morning. It was my first time taking Olive there and from the moment we walked in she was running around like a blur.

After Go Bananas we went home and had some lunch. Just had some noodles and a quick pit stop then we were off to the zoo.

We had a great afternoon with Ben and Bastien.

Family, Friends and Fun, life doesn't get much better.

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