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New Car Weekend

This weekend was supposed to be very uneventful. We were supposed to be going to the in-laws for dinner on Saturday and that's all we had planned. It didn't however go exactly as planned.

We ended up ordering a big pizza on Friday night and staying for a quiet night in because we knew we weren't going to the inlaws for dinner anymore because my mother inlaw wasn't feeling too well. That's my excuse for the pizza anyway and I'm sticking to it.

I'm not entirely sure what happened on Saturday, it all seemed to go so quickly as most weekends do. I know me and Olive woke up and watched our usual Saturday morning cartoons and then had some fun doing sensory play on her playmat and reading the newspaper, catching up on current affairs lol.

Sunday however ended up being very eventful.

We bought a new car!

So Sunday morning we went to the Ford dealership after receiving a phone call from them earlier in the week about an offer they had.

Olive was a little tired at the dealership so she tried to steal some of my coffee.

She didn't find getting a new car as exciting as Mummy.

Another eventful weekend. Looking forward to a relaxing Sunday night before heading back to work tomorrow.

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