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Lockdown Rugby Workout Challenges

In the last 2 weeks with the announcement of some easing measure of the lockdown the rugby team has been ramping up with some fitness challenges.

Usually we would be a couple of months into the season by now, had preseason training and some good games under our belt. So the club has provided some great challenges for the team to really encourage all of the players to get into shape, stay fit and be ready for when the rugby season gets started again.

The club has been fantastic with providing a variety of free workouts for the team, loads of challenges, rugby kit and some coaching tips also.

Participation is key and it feels great to be involved with the team again, even if we're not playing yet.

I have started running a bit again as a result of the challenges. Which in turn has been challenging lol.

A lot of room for improvement but it feels good to really push myself again and not just go through the motions.

That little extra push of exercise left me a little tired. So an afternoon nap with Olive on the couch was just what was needed.

Who else is ready to get active and happy to see sports slowly coming back?

P.s to see more Rugby challenges and updates please follow the @easternrhinos on instagram.

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