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Getting back to normal

In the last few weeks quite a few of the harsher lockdown restrictions have been lifted.

We have had a fantastic time enjoying everything we can as these restrictions ease.

In real terms this has meant the zoo's opening up, pubs and some restaurants reopening, as well as being allowed to have people over to our house.

We enjoyed some great family meals together with our close family and it was great to get back to some normality. As usual Olive always has a great time eating and trying new foods, new flavours and textures. She sure does make a mess but her smile makes it all worthwhile.

On the weekend we went for a nice long family walk along the Brightlingsea coastline.

We had a really nice day and stopped into a delicious dessert store in Frinton called Pop Pins. Pais got a Choco Donut Shake. Which is just as decedant as it sounds. I mean just look at it. I was boring and got a vanilla milkshake. I can't help it, I really like vanilla.

Over the last 2 weekends we have also been doing some work in our garden. We have been tidying it up and getting it looking nice just in time for summer.

Olive loves playing on the grass especially just after it has been cut. Pais has restored the bench she got off the Fish's and we've also painted the fences.

So it has been a very busy start to July and I decided to make it a little busier. With the news of the gyms reopening and rugby training starting back up, I decided to set myself another challenge of running 100km for the month of July.

This is in preparation to Trekfest in September where a few of us will be doing a 50km trek across the Brecon beacons.

A little daunting but I can't wait!

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