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Fathers Day

I celebrated Fathers day for the first time as a father on the weekend.

It was such a nice day and I was well and truly spoiled by my gorgeous girls. I couldn't have asked for a better Fathers day.

I had a fantastic morning playing with Olive and opening some presents as well as Pais making me a delicious full english fry up.

Olive made me a cute "super dad" drawing with her footprint in paint and Pais had a custom book made for me with a really nice story personalised for me and Olive together.

Later that day we went to Pais parents house and had a fantastic BBQ in the backyard and enjoyed the great weather.

Olive had her first try of using her big girl cup.

It didn't quite go to plan. She spilt it everywhere but it didn't stop her going back for more.

Growing up without a father we never celebrated Fathers day before but I can tell you right now any celebration that involves BBQ is a good day to celebrate.

We had some delicious BBQ packs from the local butcher and I was absolutely stuffed. I also had a few cheeky cocktails in the sun, it felt like we were on holiday.

So after a fantastic relaxing weekend enjoying the sunshine and some family time it is time to get back to work this week.

Rugby training is back in groups of 6 this week and I'm looking forward to really pushing myself hard. I thought there would be news on gyms opening soon but it seems like we may have to wait just a little longer. Itching to get back to some heavy lifting but still excited to at least be able to train with the rugby lads again.

Baby steps.

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