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Family Time

If there is any good that has come out of lockdown it has been getting able to spend lots of extra time with Olive and Pais. It has been a blessing in disguise being able to see Olive grow, play and learn every day.

It is fascinating seeing her learn new things everyday just by exploring, touching, smelling, tasting and inevitably biting everything in reach.

We try to encourage as much messy play as possible and encourage her to explore her surroundings wherever and whenever we can.

Even though we are still in lockdown we still endeavour to give Olive new experiences like playing with "blue" spaghetti or helping Pais with baking. Whilst this is often very messy it's also a lot of fun. Plus her laugh and smiles makes up for any amount of cleaning up.

We are still going on our daily walks as a family and even though I have started going back into the office on occasion because the gym is closed I still try to go home for a walk at lunch.

Even though the gym is closed and I might not be as strong as I'd like to be and my training is certainly not as consistent as usual, I have still made sure to continue exercising and staying active.

The rugby club has set a good workout challenge and I'm really looking forward to more of them.

I have continued some strongman training by making my own sandbags at home to ensure I keep lifting and moving awkward weight. It really came in handy this week when our washing machine broke and I was able to move it myself. Bloody heavy but that's why I train. To make normal life easier and because I enjoy it.

Can't wait to get back to strongman training especially now that I have written up several new training plans.

I have almost finished writing an ebook for strongman training on your lunch break. If you're just an average guy like me with a normal job but want to get stronger. My guide should help you. Well that's my aim anyway.

Coming soon....

In the meantime I guess I'll stick to having fun with Olive and going on our daily walks.

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