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Banana bread and home workout

I am sure several people are feeling the same way but I'm really struggling with keeping any sense of routine or normality at the moment.

Normally my day is relatively structured, I know what time i'm going to be having my meals, I know what time I'm going to be going to gym, I know what time I'm going to be working, I know what time I'm going to be spending with Olive and Pais. However at the moment all of that routine has gone and to be honest it has me a little out of sorts.

Pais has made some delicious banana bread this week, which has been my breakfast all week. I have started a "fitness challenge" of sorts with my mate Trent to try and do 1000 pushups everyday. I'm not going to lie....I've only completed it's bloody tough. I'm still hurting.

I am trying my best to stay fit and continue my "lunchtime" workout even if it's just going for a walk with Olive however at the moment I can't even commit to a lunchtime because of how busy work has gotten.

I have tried to be quite strict with keeping my schedule but it's hard. I know there's probably a lot of people out there struggling without jobs at the moment so I have to remember how lucky I am to be able to work from home at all.

I'm going to keep pushing myself to be better and be more disciplined!

I've got work to do.

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