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Backyard Blitz

Spring has sprung and the weather has been great for the last few days.

We have had some warm days with loads of sunshine. We've tried to enjoy it as best we can while staying at home. We have had a full backyard blitz so we can enjoy the garden a little more in the nice weather. Pais did a fantastic job with the pressure washer and cleaned off all of the pavers.

We then spent the day yesterday tidying out the shed otherwise known as the "Baren Bar" so we could start using the bar and the outdoor area again.

As you can see there was alot to do. However, we bought Olive outside to have some fun in the sun with us. She was in her bouncer or asleep in her pram most of the day while we got to work. I did have a couple of drink breaks whilst Pais was doing the majority of the hard work but it still counts as "Us" tidying up right?

Here's the after shot.

We then had the rest of the afternoon to enjoy ourselves outside.

I had a solid workout thanks to Trent challenging me with another bodyweight circuit.

It was rough with a pretty solid leg focus. Lunges are not my friend.

25 pushups

50 calf raises

50 bodyweight squats

30 lunges each side

40 situps

10 burpees

10 jumping squats

10 leg raises

Phew. It was pretty tough and my calves were cramping loads at the end.

It's good to keep working out and staying active whilst we're unable to go to the gym. Still making sure I'm doing something every day even if it's not lifting weights I still want to make sure I maintain my strength. I am thinking about getting a sandbag so I can continue some strongman training if this lockdown is going to continue beyond the original 3 weeks.

We then finished the evening off in the garden just me and Pais enjoying a nice drink by an open fire.

Family Quiz night tonight. Let's see if anyone can knock me and Pais off our winners position.

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